Maaike Clapcott

Maaike is born and bred in the country of the bike, the Netherlands. She grew up riding her bike to her school, athletics club, friends, grocery store and of course the local pub. After traveling overseas, she pursued a PE teaching degree in Amsterdam and continued to travel during these years. When she turned 25 she decided she wanted to work abroad. This is when she ended up in Mongolia as a PE teacher, and bumped into her now Kiwi husband, and business partner, Jonny. She is currently loving life in gorgeous Taupo, where her Kiwi family has grown with a dog, Puma, and on Valentines day 2018 a lovely baby girl, Sophie. Maaike is still teaching, all is that part-time these days, and works with students who are too sick to go to school. You might see her riding on her bike to her students some time. In her free time, she still likes to go out on her (mountain)bike, although she will grab an electric one when going out with her. husband, so that she can keep up with his fitness level and still enjoy the ride!